I took Lorainne’s First Aid and CPR course this past winter. Lorainne presenting this course in a timely and efficient manner, while being sure that all relevant information was covered. She took the time to answer questions and even presented us with scenarios which helped us to better understand what we were learning. She seemed to recognize that people in our group had their own style of learning and addressed each of us thoughtfully and thoroughly. I feel confident in the skills I was taught by Lorainne that can respond in a safe and effective manner should the need be presented.

Reg’d Massage Therapist Endurance Coach

Lorraine Fisher conducts her first aid training sessions in a professional atmosphere. She keeps it fun while being informative and answered every question thoroughly. Lorraine provided all of the equipment and mannequins (adult and infant size) for us to practice on. All I had to take with me was a pen and my lunch. I never hesitate to refer Lorraine’s courses to colleagues as I know they’ll come away with a higher understanding of the procedures and protocols and will be confident and ready to take action in any emergency. I highly recommend Lorraine Fisher and her first aid training courses.

Add Activity Founder, President Personal Trainer, Triathlon & Running Coach
LWTFC Manager & Assistant Sprints Coach

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